Dardo Ambulance is a full-tracked lightweight vehicle, derived by Dardo Combat and used as an ambulance vehicle for injured people transport.

Crew is composed by a driver, a doctor and two nurses. The hull is made of welded ballistic aluminium plates with ballistic add-on and assures the same ballistic protection of the Combat version. The power pack and the running train are identical to the Dardo Combat version ones.

Dardo Ambulance is equipped with an Automatic Fire Suppression System for crew and for power pack compartments; the activation of AFSS can be realized manually or automatically. Dardo Ambulance is equipped with a collective NBC System for crew protection. The vehicle is equipped with a system composed by an Auxiliary Power Unit and by an Air Conditioning Unit for the treatment of conditioned air for the crew, also with the main engine off.

In the crew compartment is installed a special kit for injured people treatment and transport; this special kit is composed by four stretchers in horizontal position and all the medical devices necessary to give the first assistance to injured people.