The Centauro ACP is an 8X8 Wheeled Armoured Command Post vehicle having a combination of the well-proven and highly reliable drive train of the Centauro family with a special designed hull.

The very large internal volume of 13.5 m3 can be configured according to different customers’ requirements to provide a complete set of situation awareness and communication components and to form a fully network enabled capability.

The Centauro ACP has outstanding tactical mobility, with the powerful Iveco engine driving an automatic gearbox and 3-axle steering. The vehicle has an exceptional ride quality due to the independent MacPherson suspension and the extended travel hydro-pneumatic units.

The vehicle has powerful disk brakes on each wheel station, the adoption of an innovative “H shaped” transmission, with twin side mounted drive shafts in place of the more traditional single central shaft, provides the vehicle with a low silhouette and an inherently more stealthy profile than others in its class. Rapid exit is facilitated by the use of a low angle hydraulic rear ramp also equipped with an integrated emergency exit hatch. The vehicle has an on-board APU, capable to extended powering of mission equipment with engine off.

Self defence is provided by an OTO Melara HITROLE™ 12.7mm remotely controlled overhead weapon station. As standard, the vehicle is also fitted with two batteries of Galix smoke grenade launchers. These can be activated manually or automatically by a Laser Warning System.

The monocoque steel hull can be enhanced to customer requirements by add-on protection packs to increase the protection levels against direct fire, land mines and IEDs. A dedicated suite of command, control and communication systems based on VHF, UHF, wide band and satellite communication is the backbone of the ACP vehicle. The Centauro ACP can be customized according to the specific requirements of each customer. An example of such customization is the duo “Command Nucleus” and “Tactical Nucleus” equipped with an HITFIST™ 25mm turret which constitutes the Tactical Terrestrial Command Post for the Italian Army.