The VBA, a combination of the SUPERAV of Iveco D.V. and the HITFIST OWS weapon station turret of OTO Melara, has been developed to match the requirements of the new Italian Amphibious Brigade and represents an outstanding progress in the design of armoured amphibious vehicles.

Capable of supporting littoral operations beyond Sea State 3, the VBA can carry a 10 tons mission load, including an overhead weapon station mounting up to a 40mm cannon. With outstanding mobility on land and in the water, and airtransportability in a C130, the VBA provides an optimum blend of tactical, operational and strategic mobility.

The VBA has an under armour volume of 14 m3 and can carry a crew of up to 13 in a highly protected compartment. The HITFIST OWS is a remotely operated weapon station incorporating the latest technologies in the fields of electronics, signature and Man Machine Interface (MMI) and it is the best of class in terms of lethality, survivability and fightability.

The weapon station is easily installable, without hull penetration, on any tracked and wheeled platform and it is ready to fire without any preparation.

The main armament consists of the ATK Mk44 30mm chain gun, electrically controlled for elevation, traversing and firing operations. As an option the main armament can also be completed by the introduction of two Anti Tank missile launchers, side mounted. The weapon station turret is fitted for receiving a secondary armament composed by a 7,62mm machine gun coaxially mounted.