The Dardo tracked Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle is a low silhouette, state of the art AIFV.

The hull is aluminium with add-on ballistic steel armour for improved ballistic, anti mine & IED protection. The vehicle has extremely compact dimensions with a very low silhouette. The vehicle chassis height is only 1.75m and has a very low ground pressure.

The Dardo power pack is at the front of the hull and uses an IVECO V6 MTCA turbocharged diesel engine, coupled to an automatic transmission. This design provides four forward and two reverse speeds with a hydrostatic drive and a hydraulic retarder as well as a double differential steering system.

Firepower is provided by the HITFIST® two men turret, fitted by a 25 mm or 30 mm automatic gun and as an option, two ATGM launchers. The weapons system is capable of day or night operation (due to its sighting system), it is two axis stabilised and can fire on the move against both land static and moving targets and hovering helicopters assisted by the high elevation angle of the weapon system of 60 degrees.