The VBM Freccia Armoured Recovery Vehicle shares all the characteristics of mobility and versatility inherent in the 8X8 Family.This variant provides for the recovery of a same class of vehicle assisted by full towing set and a 30 ton winch with double line pull.

In addition, a 25 tons*meter crane allows the vehicle to transport, remove and fit a complete power pack for field support and repair. During these operations the crew can deploy the special hydraulic outrigger stabilizers. A front grader blade_allows ground levelling.

In addition the crew can arrange barricades or remove obstacles. An external auxiliary power unit makes possible to operate with the engine shut down and can feed dedicated sockets for quick electric connections.

Additional hydraulic and pneumatic connections can be made available on the vehicle according to customer requirements. Two 7.62 mm MG (one fitted on a RWS and the other pintle mounted) and 8 additional grenade launchers complete the ARV_for close defence capability.