The VBM Freccia Armoured Personnel Carrier is an 8X8 armoured wheeled vehicle, designed to provide the infantry with outstanding mobility and protection.With twin side mounted drive shafts in place of the more traditional single central shaft it fully exploits the benefit of the innovative driveline design.

The VBM Freccia APC hull offers 13.5 m3 of internal volume and more than 10 tonnes payload, easily accommodating 13 fully equipped personnel including the driver.

Access and egress is facilitated by the use of a hydraulic ramp, with a low ramp angle design making this process easier for fully equipped troops.

The vehicle impressive mobility comes from the powerful Iveco engine driving an automatic gearbox with independent MacPherson suspension coupled with extended travel hydro-pneumatic units. High maneuverability is assisted by 3-axle steering coupled with powerful disk brakes. The VBM Freccia APC monocoque hull is based on high hardness steel which can be enhanced by add-on armour suites against direct fire, land mines and IEDs, thus achieving different levels of protection to meet customer requirements. For self defence, a pintle mount for an external 5.56/7.62/12.7 mm MG is provided. As an option, the Leonardo HITROLE™ 12.7 mm remotely controlled overhead weapon station can be fitted. The vehicle is equipped with two batteries of smoke grenade launchers which can be fired manually or cued automatically via a laser warning receiver.