The VBM Freccia Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle is an 8X8 wheeled armoured vehicle which combines the proven and highly reliable drive train of the 8X8 Family with a hull especially designed to ensure maximum crew survivability.

The inner volume of about 11m3, can accommodate a driver, a two man turret and 8 fully equipped dismounts. Hydraulically operated, the low angle rear ramp allows particular ease of access and dismount capability with special consideration given to troops laden with heavy kit. The VBM Freccia design is focused on providing the infantry with the firepower and protection they need to undertake their mission effectively, be it in war or peacekeeping.

To this end, it is equipped with a two-man HITFIST™ Plus turret mounting a 25 mm or 30 mm cannon as well as the associated fire control system and a range of sighting systems.

A coaxial 7.62 mm MG is standard. A mount for an external 5.56/7.62 mm MG is available if required. In the Anti Tank configuration the turret can be fitted with two Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) system. Two missiles are ready to fire in external launchers and 8 missiles are stowed in the hull.

The adoption of the innovative “H shaped” transmission with twin side mounted drive shafts in place of the more traditional single central shaft, provides the vehicle with a low silhouette and an inherently more stealthy profile than others in its class.

The VBM Freccia has outstanding tactical mobility, based on its powerful Iveco engine driving an automatic gearbox and enhanced by 3-axle steering.

Independent hydropneumatic MacPherson suspension on each wheel provides exceptional ride quality, also derived from long suspension travel. The vehicle is equipped with full command, control and communication system and is the core platform of the netcentric scenario.