The VBM Freccia Mortar Carrier shares the characteristics of mobility and versatility typical of the 8X8 Family.

The platform is fitted with a rifled semiautomatic 120 mm mortar, capable to use the same ammunitions ordinarily in service in Light Infantry Units to support the fire of the Medium Infantry.

The vehicular mounted version of this mortar offers many advantages in terms of firing range, mobility and operational speed (move, stop and fire) due to its semi-automatic loading system, electrically powered traverse and elevation and computer assisted ballistic. Backup manual operation are possible as well.

The weapon is mounted within the body of the hull. In operation, two electrically power-assisted hatches above the weapon open to permit weapon operation. This mortar fit means the AMC vehicle can be used to provide effective support to combat units as the vehicle with its on board weapon system can be deployed rapidly in complex security conditions.

Close-in defence is provided by a remote controlled turret equipped with a small caliber weapon. The Command, Control and Communication system is installed, together with a SIF-SIR system (Command and Control System for Artillery systems), allowing a deep integration of this platform in the netcentric scenario.