The ARIETE C2 is the evolution of the ARIETE C1 Main Battle Tank.
The tank is characterized by high mobility, advanced armour protection and substantial firepower.

Hull and turret are made of welded steel with composite armour. The upgraded powerpack incorporates an IVECO V-12 turbocharged intercooled 12-cylinder diesel power plant that develops 1500 HP.

The fully automatic transmission system provides four forward and two reverse speeds and incorporates thesteering system and a hydraulic retarder. The upgraded heavy-duty final drives together with the widened track system provide the tank with an increased mobility in all operative conditions.

The running gear is completed by seven dual rubber-lined road wheels, plus four return rollers on each side.

The suspension system consists of a torsion bar and hydraulic bumper on each suspension arm.
The brake system has also been improved responding to the new requirements in terms of performance and increased GVW. A Leonardo 120/44mm smoothbore gun, stabilized on both axes is the main armament. A 7.62mm machine gun coaxially fitted to the main armament weapon of the same caliber is mounted on the turret roof together with a 12,7mm MG for local and air defence.

The 120mm gun can fire all available NATO ammunitions, including chemical and kinetic energy types. Leonardo new FCS includes day/night Attila-D commander’s panoramic sight and Lothar-SD gunner’s sight both with third generation thermal imagers and eye safe laser range finders. The state-of-the-art ballistic computer and the new electric servo system allow precise firing on the move against static and moving targets. C4I includes Leonardo Software Defined Radio, digital intercom, C2 and navigation system. The tank is also equipped with a satellite communication device. C4I configuration transforms the MBT ARIETE in a net-centric element on the operative scenario.