The Centauro I - 8X8 Wheeled Main Gun System is a new concept in weapon systems: a real tank on wheels. It has the same sighting capability and the fire power of a last generation Main Battle tank.

The Centauro can reach a max speed of 110 km/h on roads, and meets all NATO mobility standard specifications for obstacles, trench breaching and slope tests etc. The vehicle is fitted with run flat tyres allowing it to operate in the most extreme terrain. Low ground pressure allows the vehicle to manoeuvre over rocks, sand, marsh and soft grounds.

All of the Centauro's I features have been extensively tested in extreme environmental conditions including hot, dry deserts; cold and icy Nordic countries and rain forest environment. The vehicle hull is made of ballistic steel giving a high protection level against small caliber weaponry, artillery and mortar shell splinters. The Centauro can be fitted with add-on armour plates without any significant loss of mobility. The HITFACTR turret accommodates a crew of three men: loader, gunner and commander.

The turret can be fitted with 105 mm or 120 mm main weapons which can fire all existing standard NATO kinetic or chemical energy ammunition. The Centauro is the only 8x8 I capable of firing both 105 and 120mm main weapons (fully stabilised) on the move and even at 90 degrees to the hull centerline and at depressed elevations.